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twinkletoes started this conversation

I am looking for information regarding low interest loans for low income women. I have 2.25 acres in the country with a large pole barn. I would like to remodel the 50x50 pole barn into a two story home with rooms to rent out as an artist's B&B. There is electricity and water in the barn, and I have the basic plans set. 

I started a bookkeeping business this last January. I have no background with my business as such regarding stability, though I have no doubt considering the growth just within the lasts 9 months time frame that it will be a profitable business. My wages are enough to cover my monthly/yearly debts to date with a small amount set aside. Though I do not have a large enough amount set aside for down payments of any kind.

I have been living on my property for just over ten years so have stability in that regard. I owe approx 45 thousand on this property. This is in a prime area, just 10 minutes from the coast line, yet quiet and peaceful. I have connections with local art studios that are holding weekly/monthly classes that will send guests my way.

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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